How Does Your Environment Affect You? |

It’s incredible the way our environment affects us without our even knowing about it. The effect is, quite simply, hypnotic. Before I became interested in hypnosis some years ago now, while I always believed in it, whenever I gave it any thought at all, I always considered it was conducted in a darkened room and by a gentleman with a deep, soothing voice.I mean, how does your environment affect you. Have you any idea?Well now, I’m partly right. I mean that would work very nicely, but it’s not at all necessary. Part of the trouble is that the word ‘hypnosis’ still isn’t properly understood. People are so wrapped up equating hypnosis with sleep. The more we study hypnosis, the more we realize that there are many layers to it.This is why we can be put in a state of hypnosis while reading a very absorbing book or even watching a television show. There’s also the old chestnut about driving along and missing our turn because our minds are miles away, thinking of other things. We’ve all heard of that one. But, of course, it’s true.Now this part, although partly hypnotic, boarders on psychology. So you can say that both psychology and hypnosis go hand in hand, which is why I’ll use the word ‘tend,’ and not be pedantic by saying positively, “this is what people do.”For instance, it’s a known and researched fact that we tend to pay taller men higher salaries. There’ll be exceptions to this, of course there will be, and some men will disagree, especially if they’re tall and broke! But we’re all well aware of the amazing amount of research that goes into every corner of our lives, it seems.Another pearl of wisdom that’s been discovered is that men find women dressed in red more attractive than, say, a lady in green. You’ll be equally astonished to learn that if a man has other women smiling at him, he’s found to be more attractive to women. If the picture of a man has smiling women surrounding it, it’s been found that he’s considered more attractive.Now this last earth-shattering piece of news does make sense. After all, if a man of plain countenance is placed in the middle of a group of attractive, smiling women, a lot of the female attraction is bound to brighten the most ordinary male face.Words; conversations, lessons, lectures, etc., these can have a profound effect on us. Just imagine if you went out for an evening with a couple who spent the time discussing their in-laws in terms that were totally negative. “Oh, she’s such a difficult woman.” “He’s such a gloomy man” “I despair of the son. He’s so stupid.”Talking about words, there was one that was pointed out to me that we always see in airports. I mean, imagine what it does to the poor person who’s terrified of flying, when one of the first words they see is ‘Terminal!” The irony of this made me laugh, but I must apologize for a rather skewed sense of humour.But it is absolutely true to say that our environment influences us a great deal more than we realize. Supposing your teenage son or daughter flatly refuse to clean their room. You can jump up and down, shout, scream, threaten them with serious bodily harm, but you’re far more likely to obtain positive results by wafting just a smidge of pine cleaner in their room.I do hope you enjoyed this article and that, perhaps, it helped you.